GNG4120 Elevator Pitch

As part of the course GNG4120, Entrepreneurship for Engineers, we have to make a 1-minute elevator pitch. I was thinking of creating a short film that does not only show my idea but also includes other weird situations that we might face. 

As the director of Media Committee at the Saudi Club in Ottawa, I thought it would be a good idea to make a workshop that introduces some basics of film-making, so in one hand, I am teaching my team members something useful, and on the other hand, I am getting my assignment done in a nice way.

I met my media team members on May 12, 2017. We have done some experiments using a camera microphone. However, the workshop mainly covered using the camera tripod with dolly wheels because the movement of the camera has to be smooth enough to create nice shots similar to what we see in movies.

We met again on May 20, 2017 to film the scenarios I’ve written after the first meeting. We were supposed to meet at 11:00AM but our camera hero came around 1:00PM (shame on you Abdullah).

FSS Elevators

We have chosen the FSS elevators to film since the building has more than 15 floors. FSS has three elevators. We wanted to use the middle one. However, we noticed that each time we wanted to request the elevator, there is an elevator that is already waiting for us. We had to send the two elevators in the right and left to the highest floor. The smart elevator controller used at FSS always keeps one elevator ready for people to reduce waiting time.

We had to accept this situation and time our filming moments with how elevators are controlled. To avoid elevator noise being recorded, we filmed while the elevator is in the idle mode.

TBT Elevator

We finished filming two scenarios at FSS and went to TBT which has the smallest elevator in campus! Because the elevator is too small, we had to film the scene from outside the elevator. While investigating the elevator before start filming, the elevator got stuck! We had to close the elevator door manually and request any floor to make sure we can use it and won’t be stuck inside.

After filming the scene for two or three times, we found out that the microphone was turned off! So we had to redo the scene again. It’s 5:00PM; we did it one more time and everyone was ready to eat!

Video Editing

It’s Sunday, May 21. The Media Resources at the uOttawa Library closes at 4:30PM so I have to finish this assignment early because tomorrow is Monday and the library will be closed! I was ready to leave home at 10:00AM but my sister wanted to join me so we left around 10:20AM. Again, it’s Sunday so buses come less often. The bus came around 11:00AM so I was at school around 11:20AM. An hour is already gone.

The size of the videos were 15GB. I had to copy them into my hard drive. That’s about 10 minutes of copying files. Another 10 minutes to import them to Adobe premiere and categorize them. I finished editing the film by the time the librarian was announcing that the front disk will be closed in 15 minutes; it’s 3:45PM. I exported the film which took 10-15 minutes. I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel and left the media resources room at 4:27PM, 3 minutes before closing.

Last Word

I hope you enjoyed watching the video. It would be impossible to get this result without the help of my friends so I would like to thank everyone of them! Abdullah Bugis, Abdulrahman Hijji, and Abdulrahman Batawie.