I’m Ahmed

// My self introduction
Name {
   First name: Ahmed;
  Last name: Al Abdulmohsen;
.What I Do {
    Profession: Software Engineer;
    Passion: Community Development;


These achievements have special place in my heart ♥


FieldFLEX Awards

Awarded the Q2 2020 FieldFLEX Employee of the Quarter and the Customer Advocate Awards.


Academic Scholarships

Awarded academic scholarships including KASP, and the Merit Scholarship from the University of Ottawa.


Qatif Award of Achievement

Robot Club in Qatif has been rewarded by Qatif's Achievement Award in the field of management and finance.


Youngest Play Director

Honored as the youngest play director among all those participant in the Dammam Festival for Short Performances.

Projects are little steps toward improving communities through Technology, Education, Innovation and Art.

Use technology to save the environment!
Travel to learn!
Innovate and help others!
A life without art is no life at all.

Don't be shy,

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